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Thinking of a career transition?

By all accounts, the next 5 years will bring tremendous change. According to the World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report, about 25% of jobs will churn in 5 years. That means new ones will be added and several others will vanish.

Times of such intense change can mean two things.

It can mean great opportunity. If you actively participate in crafting your next career moves. 

Or, it can mean leaving yourself very vulnerable to the winds of change as they flow through your organisation.

A few questions? 

So here are a few questions to help you consider your next career transition. These are questions that I have personally used in my own transitions. 

Q1. What Kind of Work Energises Me?

Now this is at the heart of our search for a meaningful career. Work that makes us come alive. It’s the ikigai of our life!  Work that gets us 'in the flow', and leaves us with a sense of ease and fulfillment. It can give you the elusive "why" behind your work. Truthfully, the 'why' doesn't just emerge from nothing. 

This can be really different for each of us. 

"I love it when I get stuff done."

"I love when I can connect the work I do with business outcomes".

"I love meeting new people and building connections."

"I love working with data. Thinking about what it is telling me and writing about it."

"I love building products. Making them better each day. I just never tire of it"

Here are mine:

I love work that allows me to influence people to make their lives more meaningful. 

I love work that comes at a slower pace yet have a mind that’s always learning and growing.  

I love work where I am helping someone – Giving back is my biggest joy! 

As you can see--each of these answers points to a different kind of career move, right for a different kind of person. 

Knowing what and why energises you is the KEY to crafting a career that is right for you.


Q2 What are my natural talents?

Your innate abilities determine how you think, how you approach challenges and even how you communicate with others. Natural talents transcend skills, which can be learned and honed over time and with practice. When considering a career change, think about how it feels when you work for — versus against — your natural abilities. 

Q3 Do I have the financial resources to tide by the ‘slow’ period’? 

This is a very crucial question. We have families to look after and a lifestyle that we get used to. Are you willing to compromise on what we take for granted? The holidays with the family might need a break as well as the expensive gifts and perhaps even paying many bills. Will you be able to have an open and honest conversation about it? Its best to picturize what the worst case scenario means for you and live it a few days if you can. 

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