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Did you know the real process of goal alignment?

When we really realize a goal and decide to live by it until it is achieved, we experience many different situations that makes us goal ready. Could be Easy situations or difficult ones….

This means that when the goal is attained, our energy is finally ready to hold on to a specific standard of mindset which helps to create a meaningful future. But have you ever felt – “I cant do this anymore”, “I am tired of the process”, “I cant think more on this”, “May be I am not meant to achieve so big” or “I am so tired of overthinking about it”….. and there comes a point where we exactly bow our heads down thinking that life is a big bottleneck !!

Yes !! its not easy but truly we ourselves make it difficult to achieve through because of our over

analyzing habits !!

What we should ideally do is, once we identify our goals, all we should be thinking of is the next step. We overwhelm ourselves with the next step to the extent that we don’t realize that we are actually not obsessed about the goal but rather burnt out with the idea of it !!

So then comes the question, how can we really maintain the balance of MIND ??? To build the ultimate mindset we have to work on “building the mindset step by step”. So the more self-awareness we have the better we will be exposed and open to newer ideas. So, eventually this would prevent us from spiraling to negatives self-talk and help us integrate towards a positive self-talk

Let`s look out for some steps that can prevent us from the negative self-talk:

Step 1 Identifying the trigger situations and literally writing it down

Step 2 Responding differently & realistically (in your thoughts) to the same or similar situations

Step 3 Learning to Question “What is this person or situation, teaching me?

Step 4 Learning to bring more compassion to yourself and to others (since your idea is to achieve goals and not be stuck on some worrisome thoughts)

Step 5 Find out what you love doing and just keep doing everything you love !!

Step 6 Enjoy the process, don’t wait to enjoy (in the end we just have one life, otherwise you will get “burntout”)

Step 7 You will realize it was not about the goals but rather about the journey and the process

Step 8 Next Goal Please ….. !!!

Congratulations !!! Attaining the Step 7 is actually the goal that was to be achieved in the end !! So what do we do with the final goal ?? Simple, we use it to expand – expand more – expand to the length that it starts empowering us and the people around us. We become an example for a lot of people who are spiraling through that negative talk !!

Tadaaaa……. And suddenly you realize – the idea of the goal from the start was always to make a difference into people`s lives and never it was meant to be focused on yourself !!!

Word of Caution : Simply take a break when it gets overwhelming

Happy Living – Love Pooja

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