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Goal setting....Noo Fear setting

Ever since i saw the TED talk on Fear serting by Tim Ferriss ,its left me thinking,ruminating , reflecting and pondering...

When i dig deeper, what emerges for me is that we indeed need to address our Fears head on rather than resenting them, rebelliny and most importantly escaping them...

Yes, thats indeed the most common response ..Eacapism...

For years, we have been escaping what we fear to think about or what we fear will happen..

And that resonates with the stoic philosophy of premerium melorium..

Think , visutalize the worst case scenario as if it has happened...

Soo difficult,aint it ??

Imagine i think of my worst fears

What if i lose my spouse?

What if i lose my child?

What if i get cancer ?

The mere thought runs shiver down my spine..

Losing job, 

Losing money

Losing clients / business

All these all appear managable as compared to those .

So why should we do fear setting?

1. It prepares us for the unexpected unknown

2. It gives us confidence that we can manage ourselves

3. It makes us make better choices today

4.It helps us have a plan B, C D

5. It allows us to cherish our present much more

How can fear setting be done?

By creating a simple excel sheet and penning down all our fears until we reach a point where we have no fear left that isnt documented.

Then in next column, we can write a Y or N .Y if there is anything we can do to reduce or eliminate that fear and N for if its out of our control.

If its a Y - in next column, we can write what actions shall we take to reduce that fear 

Then, by when will we take that action

Then what can stop us from taking that action

Then how can we deal with that obstacle and still take that action

What results do we expect to get?

Last but not the least 

How will we celebrate once we take consistent action..( sample excel sheet attached)

This simple exercise shall get us mentally, emotionally and physically ready ..

So , this new year, lets do fear setting and bid adieu to these demons .

Lets be fearless..

This exercise will not make the fears go away, it will only make us capable of handling them as a brilliant quote says

I wish i could tell you, it gets better, It doesnt .

YOU get better....

Lets together support each other and gain strength from the universe to build a better version of ourselves...


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