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The engagement with the multinational engineering giant's team of 150 participants was multifaceted, aimed at recognizing their achievements, fostering motivation, and steering them towards accomplishing the final leg of a substantial long-term project. The structure of the engagement centered on leveraging team coaching strategies to unite the team and enhance their effectiveness.



Coaching Purpose:
The primary objective was to unify the team, acknowledge their efforts for accomplishing a notable milestone, and instill motivation to achieve the fulfilment of the entire project due in a year. It aimed to transform the team into a cohesive unit, acknowledging their individual contributions towards a collective goal.


Understanding Diverse Dynamics:
Similar to a diverse team with varied nationalities and backgrounds, this team also had multifaceted dynamics. Recognizing and channeling their diverse skills and experiences towards a common goal became integral. Aligning their focus back to the project's importance while acknowledging their individual expertise helped resolve conflicts and rekindle enthusiasm.


Systemic Approach:
The coaching process commenced well before the formal engagement through active involvement in meetings and dialogues with stakeholders. Observing the dynamics, noting critical elements for the coaching process, and engaging as a curious outsider facilitated a deeper understanding of team dynamics. Employing systemic dialogue was crucial to re-establish connections after a three-year gap due to the pandemic.


Relationship Building and Modeling Communication:
Emphasizing relationship-building and modeling effective communication and collaboration throughout the engagement was instrumental. Active listening played a pivotal role in aligning the multi-departmental team towards their shared goal.


Celebrating Achievements:
The successful achievement of one of the notable milestone, evidenced by the number of sign-ups and the team's positive energy at the event, served as a testament to the effectiveness of the coaching process. It validated the team's progress and success in channeling their collective efforts towards a common objective.

In essence, the coaching approach encompassed understanding diverse team dynamics, fostering trust, establishing clear agreements, emphasizing communication, and celebrating achievements. These strategies were integral in uniting the team, acknowledging their efforts, and propelling them towards achieving their project milestones.

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