Soft skills training is being highly prioritized and recognized today by corporate and institutes as being essential to strengthen relationships, performance and productivity and hence the overall effectiveness. In earlier times where it was believed that any successful organisation runs on 3 M's - Money, Machine and Man. However a paradigm shift has been there about the relative importance these M's have enjoyed. Today undoubtedly the third M - Man dominates and manages the other 2 M's.

Business today mandates that each and every employee will not simply manage their own business areas but they will also impact key decisions by making effective contributions to the organisation. Every professional needs to be more team-oriented, capable of multitasking continuously and leading without rank and able to resist stress.

The natural result of this enhanced focus has underlined importance of soft skills. So, "What are soft skills?" - Soft skills are personal characteristics that relate to a person's capability to interact effectually with others and form meaningful, fulfilling and mutually enriching relationships.

It involves gamut of concepts ranging from communication to emotional intelligence, from stress management to work life balance, team building to interpersonal skills, etc.

MPower is a trusted name when it comes to delivering the soft skills trainings and running the interventions and workshops.

Our Approach:


We believe that we are an extension of our clients HR team and must perform as a responsible representative of their organization. At the same time, we make sure to bridge the gap, if any between the focused participants/target group and the management. We work with the client to identify needs, develop an action plan and assist with implementation.

We understand that requirement of each client is unique, so we co-work with them to identify and provide different services to our clients considering their corporate culture, management style and philosophy.

We not only understand the clients' needs, we understand each participants’ different learning needs, hence our sessions are always designed on the principles of adult learning.

We understand that people learn using a variety of these methods, but one method is usually predominant.

Visual Learners:

Visual learners are characterized by the following:

  • They tend to be fast talkers.

  • They exhibit impatience and have a tendency to interrupt.

  • They use words and phrases that evoke visual images.

  • They learn by seeing and visualizing.

For such types of participants we use the use of demonstrations and visually pleasing insightful materials.

Auditory Learners:

Auditory learners are characterized by the following:

  • They speak slowly and tend to be natural listeners.

  • They think in a linear manner.

  • They prefer to have things explained to them verbally rather than to read written information.

  • They learn by listening and verbalizing.

In order to facilitate the learning of auditory learners, we always have impeccable session plan and deliver the session in planned and organized conversation.

Kinesthetic Learners:

Kinesthetic learners are characterized by the following:

  • They tend to be the slowest talkers of all.

  • They tend to be slow to make decisions.

  • They use all their senses to engage in learning.

  • They learn by doing and solving real-life problems.

  • They like hands-on approaches to things and learn through trial and error.

We factor in different physical as well intellectually stimulating activities and make ample use of caselets and case studies.

What Do We Offer:


Why Should You Hire Us?

At MPower, we strive for the very best:

Interactive And Vivid Learning Processes:

With the application of state-of-the-art highly effective approaches, participants are able to learn in an interactive and vivid learning process where the learning effectiveness is proven to be several times higher than ordinary classroom training approaches.

Structured And Flexible Training Designs With Strong Blend Of Live Examples And Industry Customized Case Studies:

Training programs are tailor-made with flexibility to ensure the best match of needs and delivery. The blend of contemporary knowledge in management concepts along with practical aspects of jobs benefits immensely to the clients. We also use psychometric assessment to ensure affirmation and agreement of the participants which makes them more open.

Integrated Training Solutions Offered:

We tailor-design training to meet corporate clients specific needs, through comprehensive pre-program designs, effective delivery approaches, provision of international-level handouts and materials and post-program follow-ups.

Utilize And Convert Individuals' Experiences To Strengthen Business Performance:

We ensure the training deliverables are highly adaptable to the real situations for effective applications and optimized benefits on improving business performance.

Training By Competent And Experienced Consultants:

Our training team consists of competent and experienced facilitators to ensure the training deliveries are in top standards and of great worth.