Coaching Sessions (One On One):

Coaching is a calling to make a strong positive measurable and sustained difference into the lives of people and leave them better.

A coach makes the journey towards success more smooth, simple and straightforward.

No matter where we are in life in terms of all the spheres, be it professional relations or personal habits, there is always a desire and scope to make it better.

Solution focused coaching systematically facilitates an individual to:

  • Identify his inhibiting/challenging/limiting factors or identify the desired competencies which the coachee sees value in getting better at.

  • Make his own action plan.

  • Execute the plan which was made (this is most crucial).

  • Experience the difference.

  • Transform, evolve and move on to the next goal.


MPower provides solution focused coaching, wherein the client is led towards the ownership of the skillsets that encourage him or her to increase creativity, productivity and effectiveness.

We have seen that in 7-8 one on one sessions, over a period of 4-6 months, positive, specific and quantifiable results have been brought about.

In our coaching process, coachee and the coach partner into the learning and development process wherein the coach act as a catalyst and a facilitator to ensure that the action plan that the coachee sets out to achieve has been given it's full effort and consistence.

The Following Is An Explanation Of The Foundation, Process, Expectations And Benefits Of The 6-Month Coaching Program:

  1. Involve the young managers being coached in determining the desired behavior in their desired roles.

  2. Involve the young managers being coached in determining key stakeholders.

  3. Collect feedback (360 degree).

  4. Reach agreement on key behaviors for change - focus shall be on 3 key areas of change.

  5. Have the coachee respond to key stakeholders.

  6. Review what has been learnt and help the coachee develop an action plan.

  7. Develop an ongoing follow up process.

  8. Review results and re-start.

  9. Resolve situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way.

The initial objectives for a coaching engagement are based on goals that are established in the first 2 coaching sessions. From there, a process is followed as outlined below.

The Process Flow:

We use below given model. This unique approach allows for the achievement of breakthrough goals in organizations and individuals career while developing new skills and resolving situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way.

K - Knowing Self: In first 2 sessions, more focus is be given on the psychometric assessment done, breaking the ice and working on trust levels.

I - Individual Goals: The coaching program starts with a goal-setting process. The coachee gains clarity and direction as they envision where they want to be 12 months from today. Subsequent sessions focus on goal achievement. Herein certain tools of role set based competency assessment, gap analysis is done.

R - Roadmap: By end of 2nd and beginning of 3rd session, coachee and coach work together to map out a customized step-by-step plan of milestones necessary to achieve the individual and organizational goals. The basic of laying down plan would be competency assessment for the role, challenges and path forward for the same.

I - Ideas: In subsequent coaching sessions, coachee and coach brainstorm ideas, learn proven best practices and discuss techniques that are effective for optimally performing the role.

P - Practice: At the conclusion of every session, the best ideas become measurable action accountabilities. The coachee will be supported to build these skills until they become second nature.

In every coaching session, we measure progress against individual/organizational goals, roadmap and action accountabilities from the previous session. In addition, we typically work with employees in core areas viz - negotiation, change management, effective management skills, time-management, communication, conflict resolution, motivating employees, personal branding and the like. The coaching engagement typically includes 20-30 minutes one on one meeting per month, as well as email check-ins and occasional phone check-ins as necessary.

We hand-hold the client to move towards whatever makes the biggest difference to accelerate his/her development choices at this stage, career and life.

Hence an elegant pathway towards choice and change is laid.